Our men’s ministry encourages all men to participate in the life and mission of the church. We seek to provide a support structure that allows them to develop spiritually, enabling them to be men of integrity within their families and their community, through service and the setting of a godly example. In particular, we aim to help men develop a personal relationship with God that will sustain them through all the challenges they face at all stages of life.

At present our main men’s ministry is the Beasley Boys, a bunch of older blokes who enjoy each other’s company, and, after some tea and coffee, pray and reflect on a Bible passage together.

Originally they met at Beasley’s Nursery and Teahouse in Warrandyte, but now they come together at the church, on Tuesday mornings, 10:00am to midday. Newcomers are always welcome.

We also have many keen golfers who organise regular golf events.