Our aim is to build meaningful relationships with every child and to nurture and build his or her relationship with God. Kids learn best when they’re in a safe and fun environment with caring volunteers who want to get to know your child by name. We work with parents and guardians, as well as with our church pastors and leaders, to present Jesus Christ in a meaningful way. Through music and fun experiences and the active participation of each child we seek to create memories that will last a lifetime.

@ KidsChurch runs every Sunday during the school term and alongside the main service.  We run two programmes that are divided by age:

The Adventurers (Ages 2-5)

Children at this age have wonderful imaginations and can have adventures with Bible stories.

We want all kids in ‘The Adventurers’ to know three Basic Truths:

    • God Made Me
    • God Loves Me
    • Jesus wants to be my friend forever

Senior Leadership: Lesia Natsis and Rachel Vardy

The Explorers (Ages 5-12)

At this age, the children are discovering a new world around them and how they fit into it, as well as discovering for themselves how God loves them.

So as the kids move up into ‘The Explorers’ they’ll discover that:

    • I need to make wise choices
    • I need to trust God no matter what
    • I should treat others the way I want to be treated

Senior Leadership: Anna Papov and Melisa Dormehl

Kids only Morning Tea will be a regular feature each Sunday of the school term in the Café area.